A medley of Jade misbehaving on CBB5

January 20, 2007 at 1:45 pm | Posted in Entertainment, Popular Culture, Race, Television | 2 Comments
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Here is the first part of the interview with evicted contestant Jade Goody last night on Celebrity Big Brother. It includes a roundup of national and international reactions by the media and politics on the racism row in the house, and a “worst of” video of Jade in the house.

Thanks to ArtynmayCBB5 for processing all of this for youtube. Further critical comments to be found on K-Punk.

Face of hate


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  1. […] anaj’s blog post which contains the first part of Jade’s interview, including some footage of her worst behaviour and some of the ‘international outcry’ […]

  2. […] those who have forgotten: Shilpa rose to television fame in the UK after being bullied by Jade Goody in the last installment of Celebrity Big Brother. She finally emerged from the Big Brother house as the most successful candidate […]

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