Mother-Daughter Convergence

January 17, 2007 at 8:20 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments
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These are my Mom’s teeth. Her front teeth, the two that are protuding a bit, are capped. She’s been having them for at least 30 years now, probably more, which is why they’ve never looked unnatural to me. This is just they way they are and always were.

My Mom's teeth

The reason why I am looking at this now is that I’ll probably have to have my teeth capped too. They’re disintegrating, literally, and there doesn’t seem to be much I can do. The incisors have become thinner and thinner, and shorter and shorter over the past years. Pieces of enamel have begun chipping off, and where they did, the dentine is not only showing, but beginning to darken. The overall result is enough to discourage me from smiling (since I’m not exactly a Cheshire cat, that isn’t a great hardship for me).

I’ve got an appointment at a Dental Health Clinic tomorrow morning, and I am already determined to squander some of my savings for the reconstrucion of my pearly whites if necessary – I am really worried that they might just collapse in front of my eyes one day. Anyhow, if they have the side effect of making my upper lip bulge they way my Mom’s does, I won’t complain 😉


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  1. My mum’s got great teeth! Unfortunately, the rest of her is pretty ugly (worn out, old). She was quite attractive (and a bit of a man-eater) until she was 40 or so and then it went downhill pretty fast!

    I look very much like her, but an improved version (taller, thinner). Maybe it’s because I haven’t had any children and I never smoked or physically worked as much as she did and still does. I hope that I’m going to retain my looks a bit longer than 40 😛

    The other great thing about my mum’s looks, which I have inherited, is that she hardly has any wrinkles, even now! I’m sure she’ll get them eventually, but it’s great to know that age in the form of wrinkles won’t show on my face for at least another 20 years 😀

  2. Good for you! My mom has got a fantastic skin, considering she’s a 56 year old smoker who also had to work very hard for most of her life – unfortunately I’ve inherited my complexion from my father’s familiy: saggy skin and pinhead-sized pores!

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