And that’s Second Life on a Mac

January 13, 2007 at 11:47 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 8 Comments
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I’m a bit of a curious cat, and after Lenina announced her plans of entering Second Life to make money (the business plan’s probably not too carefully thought out yet), I wanted to have a look myself. I earned 1 Dollar for a half hour stint, after which the program froze πŸ˜•

Plus, I couldn’t see myself, i.e. could see my avatar’s strange headpiece and my footsteps if I took any. Oh, and the necklace, but that was it. First I thought that maybe, as a newbie, I would have to interact with Second Life and its residents a bit more before earning the right to be visible – kind of a neat idea, I thought (and an evil instrument to mark the new kids on the blog πŸ˜‰ But then I found out that most of the folks around me were also new – looks like the place where I started was the inverse equivalent of the New Jersey turnpike in Being John Malkovich. The arbitrary location where the system spits you out. But anyhow, they could see themselves.

Second Life

This chappie in the brown jumper said that his girlfriend was also using a Mac and that she had had copious problems – and eventually gave up. That was just before the screen froze. So I guess that Second life wasn’t really made for Apple folk – and that puts me off the game right away..


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  1. interesting! My friend Paul who’s also a Mac freak (no offence) has been trying out SL and he’s been having problems too. I shall direct him to your blog post and maybe he can share his experience (though he never comments on anything 😐 ).

  2. wow, the 😐 smiley is working now! it never used to πŸ™‚

  3. hey cool! independent from you, I discovered some new smileys myself – but my net was down for more than an hour. Colonquestionmark is πŸ˜• colonevilcolon is πŸ‘Ώ

    What do you need to do to get yours?

  4. Yeah, I was with Lenina in SL last night and was having problems. Make sure your startup disk (usually top right on the desktop) has a couple of GB free space, since the SL client seems to need alot of space for temporary files. The client’s interface makes it look like its been ported in a hurry with no care taken to make it mac like.

  5. Thanks, Paul, doesn’t sounds like SL is something that you’d like to keep on your Mac, then. Do you know where it keeps its temporary files? Or are they deleted automatically if you log off?

  6. my smiley is : nospace |

    they must have a database of smileys somewhere.

    /me goes to find out

  7. Yep… everything “just works” on a Mac. Suuuuuure, it does. I had been seriously considering getting a MacBook Pro. Not quite so serious anymore.

  8. Depends on what your priorities are. The fact that SL does not run on a Mac is to blame on the LInden Labs, rather than on Apple. It also depends on what your priorities are. If you consider becoming a SL millionaire, get a PC. If design is your priority, get a Mac. If you want smooth running applications and do not use anything out of the ordinary, get a Mac, too.

    Well, just work on one for a while and you’ll know what it means:-)

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