No Snow in the Alps

January 3, 2007 at 12:16 pm | Posted in Alps, Global Warming | 4 Comments
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EDIT (Jan 14): Skiing is now possible in the higher regions, but what you won’t get is a snowy winter wonderland wherever you go. Here is a link to a current snow report for Vorarlberg (West of Austria, on the border to Switzerland and Germany).

Vorarlberg in Austria

Although living in the alleged winter wonderland of Austria, there is hardly any snow around this year. Looking out of the window of my office, I can see some on the highest mountain tops, but those are already in Switzerland. Admittedly, you’d have to go a bit further up the province to find the ski resorts Vorarlberg is famous for.

I cannot ski, never have been able to, nor do I want to really, so I cannot be bothered. Snowmaking machines are an incredible waste of energy, but the only way to satisfy those nasty tourists excessive expectations at the moment. Only 30 centimeters of snow even in the higher skiable regions at the moment! Imagine global warming becoming worse over the next years (which it undoubtedly will). Let’s just hope people are sensible enought to stop the nonsense of creating artificial snowscapes in time. Of course they won’t be. The link people have established between the terms ‘snowscape’ and ‘Austria’ is just all too pervasive.

Here are a few pics my brother has sent me. He lives in the Northern most part of Hesse (Hessen in Germany) which is sometimes dubbed Hessian Siberia. Siberia or not: no snow this year.

N.B.: These pictures show a part of Germany, not of Austria





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  1. “Imagine global warming becoming worse over the next years (which it undoubtedly will).” – yes, 2007 apparently is predicted to be the warmest on record.

    If one disregards the catastrophe of global warming for a (guilty) moment, I have to say that warmer summers up here in Scotland are a blessing. Normally, you get a few days here and there with temperatures in their mid-20s. Last year however (2006), we had a proper summer with some really hot (over 30 degrees) days. It’s great because the one thing about Edinburgh that I don’t like so much is that it’s (well.. it used to be) generally a fair bit colder than further down south. Add the winds due to its coastal position and open spaces, and you feel pretty cold most of the time.

    Either way, the astonishing hot summer was a good indicator of global warming, and any subsequent summers will probably confirm this.

  2. I wonder how long it will take until the sealevels begin to rise – or to rise to an alarming level, as I suppose that they have already begun to rise.

    I’ve read this book “The Swarm”, and the first part is pretty intrigueing, but it gets more tedious by the page from page 400 onwards (almost 1000 to go). But anyway, in the book there’s a seaquake (sort of) off the shore of Norway, resulting in a Tsunami that eats away half of Scotland. A disaster novel set in Northern Europe – rather interesting. As the story progresses, the focus shifts to the US – it’s little surprising that this was also when my interest stifled. One way or the other, the novel made me examine my New year’s dinner (trout) rather suspiciously.

  3. I dont know what to say… But the place looks drop dead gorgeous!!!!!

  4. […] 25th, 2007 at 3:09 pm (Austria, Global Warming, Alps, F***ing Vorarlberg) The snow that we’ve been waiting for so long now has finally decided to fall, gracing the roofs and fields with its soft blankets… and the […]

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