Amitabh performs on KBC2

January 1, 2007 at 3:58 pm | Posted in Bollywood, Entertainment | 3 Comments

Isn’t youtube a blessing? I managed to retrieve quite a few bits of Kaun Banega Crorepati, including one in which Amitabh recites kabhi kabhi mere dil me khyal aata hai, the lead song from Kabhi Kabhie, another film I haven’t seen although I can probably sing half of the songs by heart.

In 2003, I had a beautiful moment when I was working on the CeBit technology fair in Hannover. I had a chat with a customer from India, and we began talking about Indian movies. I began reciting this song (or poem) and then he continued singing it 🙂

I once was able to translate the lyrics, now all I remember is that the first line means: Sometimes (khabi khabi) a thought (khyal) strikes/goes (aata hai) through my heart (mere dil me).

Too bad that I found out only now that Amitabh was the host of this show! Not that I dislike SRK, not at all, but I just don’t think that it is time for the Big B to take his leave. Seeing him in a TV show is like seeing a fairytale character come to life.


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  1. Kabhi kabhi mere dil mein khayal aata hai
    ki jaise tujh ko banaya gaya hai mere liye
    ki ab se pehle tum sitaron mein bas rahi thi kahin
    ki tujhe zameen pe bulaayaa gya hai mere liye

    (Translation: Sometimes, a thought comes in my mind/heart, that you were created for me, before this you were staying up in the stars and you have been called on the earth for me!)

    you can listen to the song at and
    it’s from a film called Kabhi Kabhi…
    no i don’t work for these portals and nor am i connected with this film,
    I just love the song so trying to connect you with it too…
    if you want a complete translation, please let me know…
    Happy new year and Eid Mubarak

  2. Thank you very much, Aluchaat!
    Hope I’ll be able to find the film somewhere, I already have the music, but never saw the film…

  3. Have you heard of Shilpa Shetty? bollywood actress and rumoured to be on Celebrity Big Brother (UK), which starts tomorrow.,,11049-2006600454,00.html

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