The Dark Side of the Force: The Issue of Microplagiarism in Microlearning

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Surprise! At the end of the day, I manage to crank out another post, as I, even more surprisingly, managed to crank out a paper before the day ended.

It’s a proposal for the Microlearning conference in Innsbruck this summer. An old school mate pointed me to it, and its going to be nice to attend the conference with him. Provided they accept us.

The last conference (no surprise) was fairly male and age-dominated, even if they managed to push the lady on the left into the frame a couple of times.

Microlearning 2006

Anyhow, here is the abstract of my proposal:

The Dark Side of the Force:
The Issue of Microplagiarism in Microlearning

Based on the analysis of authentic examples of plagiarism in student assignments, this article proposes the term ‘microplagiarism’ to describe a new kind of plagiarism which uses relatively short sections of arbitrary sources and combines them to form a bigger, seemingly unified text. The authors examine to which extent learning through plagiarizing may be an effective strategy in some areas of language learning and discuss the difficulties in separating microlearning from microplagiarism. The current gap between the digital and the academic sphere and their methods of circulating and continuing knowledge is identified as a cause for the increase of plagiarism. While the hope is expressed that the Semantic Web will take care of this issue, it is suggested for the time being to minimize the risk by setting students tasks that don’t encourage plagiarism.

My five favourite Google Earth Oddities

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I’ve never discovered a Google Earth Oddity myself, and I doubt that I ever will (although I’ve tried): Scanning the surface of the globe for an interesting squaremetre is definitely a too tedious job to be considered a possible path of fame. But I like looking at other people’s discoveries – have a look at my little collection!

I find it difficult to make up my mind, but at least for this brief moment this one is my favourite: Strong language spelled in wheat on a field outside Little Houghton in England.
53°32’19.41″N 1°20’47.87″W

This is the runner-up – an artwork created by Italian (I think) artist Gelitin and captured by Google Earth. I like this in particular because I first saw it in a book (and posted about in October 2006). Even if Gelitin isn’t Italian, the bunny is (or was, but it’s hopefully going to remain on GE).
Pink Rabbit
44°14’39.30″N 7°46’10.98″E

Mantra set in ice
This is particularly neat: A Tibetan mantra (said to mean “om mani peme hung” according to the source forum) carved into the ice of a glacier.
Tibetan Mantra
32°54’36.35″N 97°02’52.00″E

Or saying hello, or living here. Proof for the fact that smileys are always endearing. Captured in the USA.
Bruce and Dan
47°14’28.03″N 122°31’46.16″W

Whoever or whatever. Also made in the US of A and hopefully not a PR-Stunt – although, even if it were, this is probably nothing more significant than the logo of a local football team.
The M
39°44’41.09″N 105°14’23.95″W

I found all these gems in the fark forum.

If you want to give it a try yourself, download Google Earth (it’s free AND runs on both PC and Mac:-) and enter the coordinates which I’ve specified below each picture.

EDIT: I had another favorite Google Earth oddity but wasn’t able to find the link for some time. I’ve dug it up now, but only to discover that Google Earth itself (i.e. the company) does quite apparently NOT appreciate the idea of Google Earth oddities – they photoshopped that giant bug belonging to the order of Thrysanoptera (vulgo: Thrips) away that was roaming the fields outside Aalen in Germany! That’s surprisingly anti-Web2.0 from them – erasing the traces of users’ discoveries. I managed to find a screen shot of the location from the time when the bug was still there (see below):

Google Earth

But if you have look at the site now (link to location on Google maps online, you might want to zoom out a bit), you’ll find that it’s gone. No more. Dead. You can even see where it was, as the new patch of soil they added does not blend in well – different shades of green. Pffff… I hope they are going to give us our bug back some day!
Google Earth

“Glad I am no Asian!”

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Camembert CheesePlease excuse my brief reiteration of cultural stereotypes… I just wondered whether Asians, far East Asians that is, are really not able to digest cheese or whether this was just a global legend (notice the pun? global legend as a neologism combining urban legend and globalization? ha ha!). Because I would never want to be an Asian in my next life if that meant that I would not be able to eat cheese!

There is no image of the cheese that caused my wondering, but it looked a bit like the cheese that I’ve added to this article: a mature specimen of camembert! I love camembert, but if my glands and enzymes were unable to process cheese, then that would probably be the slab that would make me puke! But as things were, it was one of the most delicious bites that I’ve had in a while. It was so moist that it nearly became liquid when I sliced it, due to its 50% of fat in milk solids, and it had the most refined, savoury-sour smell a cheese could have. There are some Europeans, too, who would rather eat the dirt under their toemails than a smelly, mouldy cheese – so how would a Japanese react? Would he feel like I would feel if someone forced me to eat a century egg (argh – see image below)?

Century egg

But I figure this equation is lopsided: The reason why this egg looks so disgusting to me is that its shape and proportions _remind_ me of an egg, and I really like eggs – but this one looks just like an egg that’s off! It looks like a f___ing, rotten, hardboiled zombie egg.

So: If Asians cannot digest milk, then plain Gouda or Edamer cheese, i.e. something not as mouldy looking, would be just as disgusting to them as my camembert. No? Anyone who knows (or who knows an Asian who did NOT grow up in the US or UK and was not exposed to cheese until an age of, say, 18) would you care letting me know? Thx a lot.

Reality TV Update

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Here’s the update on my currently favourite Reality TV shows: Celebrity Big Brother & DSDS (German Pop Idol), both watched via Youtube and Clipfish.

Shilpa ShettyShilpa Shetty wins the 5th season of Celebrity Big Brother, bagging 67% of the votes. Runner-up is the soft-spoken Jermaine Jackson a.k.a. Muhammad Abdul Aziz, bronze was claimed by A-team hunk Dirk Benedict. Fourth came Ian “H” Watkins who had his coming out just briefly before stepping into the house. The media (including Wikipedia) like to point out that Shilpa is the first Indian to win CBB. I’d like to point out that this was the first time that the candidate with the most refined behaviour won, with the second most behaved contender leaving in second place. Dirk, whilst being somewhat of an old grump, still maintained a relatively sophisticated edge, certainly viewed in contrast to the proclaimed “face of hate” (The Sun) Jade Goody and her mother. And it does in my eyes not make a difference whether Shilpa’s demeanour is “authentic” or the conscious result of acting skills and professionalism – it’s quite refreshing seeing someone being NICE to the people around in a reality TV scenario (which normally seems to encourage people to transgress the rules of good conduct), whereas nobody escaped unscathed when Jade and her mom Jackiey were around. So I’d like to take the (possibly) reactionary, opposite stance to the common pro-trash attitude which would perceive of Jade’s and Jackiey’s behaviour as direct and honest, but not necessarily rude.

Related articles: Race, Class, Culture & the Big Brother House
Finally: The Backlash against White Trash TV?

Nico RaeckeThe current edition of DSDS has its first scandal: Nico Raecke appeared to be a particularly conspicuous candidate, first because of his vampiresque eyes, then because of the story he dished up, of a youth spent on the street and in jail, toting a picture of his one-week-old son and presenting himself as a father and husband. Turns out the story was made-up: He does have a son, but also a mother, and she is not a prostitute, but lives in a residential area in Pinneberg with her partner. And what’s worse (for such a format): Nico now sports a ridiculous haircut with shaven ornaments above the ears.

Nico Raecke and motherIf you can read German: Here is the full story, along with a video of him waiting outside his mother’s house to apologize. It will be hard for him now to enter the show, but even if he makes it into to the top ten, he’ll soon be voted out. TV audiences don’t like to be openly lied to, they prefer to ignore that TV is a lie altogether.

Related articles:
Hooked onto DSDS (including a link to Nico’s final appearance on TV)
German Pop Idol: DSDS online

Horst Schlämmer is a blogger now

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Another post for German audiences. Horst Schlämmer hat seit dem 22. Jänner auch seinen eigenen Blog.

Horst Schlämmer

Who is Horst Schlämmer? See previous post.

German Pop Idol: DSDS online

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DSDSOf the many Pop Idol franchises, the one with the most contrived name is probably the German one: Deutschland sucht den Superstar (Germany searches the superstar). Given the German predilection for abbreviations, people refer to the show as DSDS (pronounced day ess day ess – think of a North East English accent). It is currently running in its fourth season – I don’t have TV reception, meaning that I cannot watch it when it is aired.

BUT: In the time span between the third and fourth season, RTL has launched its new video community Clipfish – yet another start-up vying for the remains that youtube and myspace have left over. I suppose (but do not know for sure) that Clipfish is linked with RTL Interactive, the successor of RTLnewmedia with whom I had a job as a student employee around the time that the Web 1.0 bubble burst. Even the chat supervisor, i.e. the one that is paid for monitoring an army of unpaid* forum and community moderators, is still the same as five years ago only that he is now dubbed BigFish – it’s quite pathetic if you think about it.

*: well, they get an RTL keyring for Christmas.

ClipfishThe concept of the site isn’t bad though – as is typical for any venture that RTL has a finger in is you can do next to nothing on the site unless you are a registered user (apart from viewing the videos, of course). But in the Web 2.0 days, people don’t seem to mind registering and filling in extensive profiles to fuel their online personalities.

Clipfish is definitely a smart move when it comes to marketing their own TV shows and establishing tight customer relations: All the online activities for the new season of DSDS are managed via Clipfish. In the past, online editors covered the show, wrote biographies and built image galleries – no trace of such effort this time. Instead they’ve reserved a seperate category and subportal for the video coverage of the show on Clipfish.

Carmen LeibEmbedding won’t work (only youtube is supported on wordpress), hence here a link to my favourite contestant so far, although she’ll have a hard time to survive the Recall. 80 kilo goths have never been able to last long on casting shows. Btw, I wonder whether Recall is the appropriate term or just another one folk ethymological anglicism such as “das Handy” for mobile Phone. What Recall it is meant to signify here is the first (non-live) show after the three or four casting sessions during which the ten contestants will be appointed.

NicoThis guy is also interesting – raised in a children’s home, lived on the streets with 12, went to jail, is now married, has a son, and all that at 19. Dieter Bohlen, Germany’s biggest music industry sleaze, immediately became suspicious of him (and said so), most likely the unconscious response of a fat cat against the young and hungry. The kid’s peculiar eyes might have done the rest.

The Scholar Ship

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A friend sent me a link to the Scholar ship which – pun intended – is indeed a ship, a cruise liner, packed with scholars, students and teaching staff alike. The Scholar ship will depart in September 2007 from Piraeus (Greece) and, via Lisbon, Panama City, Papeete, Suva, Sydney, Shanghai and Okinawa, will arrive in Kobe, Japan, three months later.

The Scholar Ship

But it’s not just a seacruise, it’s a university set afloat, offering undergraduate and graduate courses in Business & Management, Communication & Advertising, International Political Science & History, Conflict, Peace and War Studies, Cultural Studies, Social Anthropology, Sustainable Development, Art History, Fine Arts, Literature and Performing Arts – TO NAME JUST A FEW…. check out their study programme.

The second trip, starting in January 2008, begins in Kobe and goes back to Piraeus, this time via Cape Town and Buenos Aires. They’re still looking for students ($ 20,000 for one trip) and have just announced that they’re giving away 50 scholar ships (meaning that you pay only half the price). Also, they’re looking for ESL (English as a Second Language) staff… Am I tempted? Hmm, I guess I would go nuts if I were trapped on board a ship for three months, above all as a teacher, meaning approachable for all…. but the thought of seeing all those places is rather neat…

Snow at last!

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The snow that we’ve been waiting for so long now has finally decided to fall, gracing the roofs and fields with its soft blankets… and the streets and gutters with slush. No, this winter is never ever going to come into full swing, the winter sales have already started, I’ll never learn skiing (thank God 😛 but hopefully we are having a mild spring coming up as well. Even the clouds of global warming have a silver stripe!





This looks pretty neat – but is a few kilometres away from where I live already (sorry, just a webcam pic!)


Furry Creatures

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I found these in my mailbox today – I know they’re rabbits, but I don’t think I’d want one of these. Not even eat them.






Wikipedia in Alemannic!

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AlemannicHail to the wisdom of smart mobs! I ‘ve just come across the Alemannic Wikipedia – Alemannic being a group of German dialects which are spoken in Switzerland, Liechtenstein, parts of France, Germany and Austria. In Austria, specifically, in Vorarlberg, the province that I live in. For people who speak standard German (or let’s say: standard German with a light regiolect and that includes me), it is one of the least comprehensible varities thinkable. As a matter of fact, it seemed completely outlandish to me when I got here, and one of the reasons for that is that a common greeting here is “Heil” – known to the rest of Germans only as part of the Hitler salute. So I guess that it is understandable that such language might put off the ignorant urban intellectual in a first encounter.

But no unified Alemannic language exists, and the articles in the Alemannic Wikipedia seem to have been written by people from all regions. Read the articles about Vorarlberg and the Vorarlbergian language to get an idea of how the people speak here (and why this can be so alienating).

Here is small teaser:

Ma ka säga, dass im untera Rhytal (ab Götzis abwärts gegat da Bodasee) ender Niederallemannisch gredt würd, witter dom (äppa Götzis ufwärts) würds wiedr meh Hochalemannisch, mit gwüssa Eigaarta. So üsserat si all no dr Untrschied zwüschat am Unterland und am Obrland. Historisch gseha isch des o Gränz zwüschat am alta Bistum Chur und am alta Bistum Konschtanz, dia alt Gränz zwüschat am Vorarlbergr Obr-und Unterland. So weachslat “gehabt” vum Breagazerischa “ghet” zum Dorabirarischa “ghia” zum Obrländr “kha”, eppa bis Fraschtatz (Frastanz) und Nenzig (Nenzing) redt ma aso. So hoaßts z’Breagaz “I hob ghet”, z’Rankl (Rankweil) seet ma “I ha kha” (Ich habe gehabt),id’r Mehrzahl “Mir hond kha”, eppa aso hoaßts o uf dr Schwiizer Sita vum Rhytal und im Liachtaschtoa (Liechtenstein). Im Walgau ischas wiadr a kle andrsch. “Ich weiß” würd denn vu “I woaß” zu “I weiß”. “I ha” würd zu “I hon”.

Smashing Slang

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White TeethJust a quickie today. Do you know a tosser from a jumper? If not, play the “Smashing Slang” flash game on the PBS website. The game is based on slang expressions used in the TV series “White Teeth” (based on the novel by Zadie Smith).

“Even if you’re wrong, you’ll add a colourful phrase to your vocabulary”. That’s what the makers of the game promise. Just don’t use these terms in your essays, thank you 🙂

There’s more info about the novel and the series
on the PBS website.

Finally: The Backlash against White Trash TV?

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Has the recent crisis caused by TV celeb Jade Goody’s ranting against Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty, her fellow housemate in Celebrity Big Brother 2007, finally stirred up a backlash against (white) Trash TV of that kind? I’m deliberately modelling the term White Trash TV after the German Unterschichtenfernsehen which is to describe TV programs targetting a low income, low level of education audience. The “low level of education” is, however, what counts in this construct – it may be the result of low income, but doesn’t mean that rich people couldn’t be chav (meaning: rude, loud and uneducated, German: prollig) as well.

German “Unterschichtenfernsehen”
The discussion of Unterschichtenfernsehen was highly controversial in Germany, in particular because it was considered a denigrating reflex of the bourgeois (saturated, educated, wealthy) classes against the culturally impoverished lower classes of society. Unterschicht (lower class) is not the immediate equivalent of ‘working class’, in particular because there is no such nostalgic thinking about the working classes as it exists in Britain. The working classes and their ‘organic’ socially supportive culture and ‘authentic’ way of life have played a crucial role in the shaping of the idea of culture put forward by Richard Hoggart und Raymond Williams, the godfathers of contemporary cultural studies. This type of mutual support and nearly wholesome lifestyle is absent from the notion of the Unterschicht.

The lower classes on TV
The present day (German) Unterschicht is a construction in which the individual is disconnected from society and sociability, prone to drugs and alcohol, isolated in their run-down council homes, dwelling in derelict bedsit and unable to look after themselves or their children of which they have many (i.e. more than an average of 1.2 per couple which is the average birth rate). The television set is their substitute for both sociability and education and has since long sucked up all their ambitions. The result are dysfunctional families, put on public display in Die Supernanny, modeled after the British Supernanny Jo Frost, who does not only show the parents to discipline their children, but to carry out such essential tasks as maintaining their households properly. Wrecking the TV set in the kids bedroom is one of the first tasks she sets them.

Murder by neglicence
What is crucial in the Neue Unterschichten-Debatte (the controversy about the new lower classes) is that the term Unterschichtenfernsehen occurred at a time when several cases of neglected, abused, molested (and eventually killed) children caught the media’s attention. In 2005 alone, 178 cases of manslaughter or murder resulting from gross negligence were reported in Germany, murder on children, that is, the most dramatic cases being seven-year old Jessica who was starved to death, two-year old Kevin who was found dead in the fridge of his father who was a drug-addict and 10 months old Leon who died of thirst when his mother simply left him and his sister locked up in her flat. I wouldn’t like to assume that such things have never happened before, but suggesting that this was a new development was part of the discourse.

New idols: The chav takes the cake
The connection between such deprived and depraved individuals the parents of these children have to be assumed to be and the content and effects of Reality TV, spear-headed by Big Brother, were soon to be made. The most popular indvidiuals of this new breed of TV celebrities were the least educated ones and their rise to stardom was accompanied by a certain fascination with the coarseness of their conduct.

Zlatko, for instance, a contestant on the first German edition of Big Brother, was known for not knowing who William Shakespear was – in a similar way that Jade appeared to be ignorant of the most basic knowledge, such as the location of the city of Cambridge (she thought it was in London) or the meaning of the word ‘influential’ (although she knew she was rated 25th most influential person in the world by Heat magazine).

In her rude and loud behaviour Jade was topped only by her own mother who joined her on CBB5 – and claimed after the eviction of Jade that she “would still love to squeeze her (Shilpa’s) neck until her eyes pop out ” Daily Star). All in all this made Jade “play the role of lumpen proletarian gargoyle: inarticulate, lacking in basic general knowledge, prone to flying into ecstasies of rage such as she subjected Shetty to the other day.” (quoted form K-Punk).

The point I’d like to make here is that it was exactly this combination of traits – inarticulate, irritable, incoherent, unfair (sometimes flagged as ‘honest’) – that were Jade’s claim to fame in the past – in the similar way that previous contestant Nikki was famous for her tantrums. What we witness in the promotion of such TV celebrities is the sacrifice of the human ability to tell right from wrong for the sake of entertainment on the level of a gladiator fight.

Bringing out the worst in people
So the backlash against (white, or any) trash TV that I was hoping for did not come to pass. The causa Jade Goody, i.e. putting her in the pillory for racism, is just a sham. The issue that is really at stake here is (or should be) society’s own disgust with the kind of entertainment that they’ve demanded and created – but unfortunately, it doesn’t seem as if society is able to acknowledge and face this fact. Nobody pulled the plug on Big Brother, they simply axed Jade Goody – for what was inappropriate and disgusting behaviour indeed – only everbody knew that someone of her merits wasn’t exactly a good person to be send as an ambassador to further understanding among nations. (The fact that _ALL_ media production meanwhile has a global audience is another aspect that was ignored by the producers – just think of the case of the Mohammed caricatures).

Nothing good could ever come of Big Brother, and it’s actually a coincidence that nothing worse has happened so far. For those who have forgotten this, some wise words from Radio 1 DJ Nihal on the matter: “The whole point of Big Brother is to bring out the worst in people, it’s not to bring out the best. It’s not that all these people sit around having a nice cup of tea. It is to bring out the worst, and to expose hipocrisy, ignorance, bigotry and also this veneer of respectability that celebrities have is just taken away.”

Ok, and that’s where I’ll end my obsession with the CBB racism row.

A medley of Jade misbehaving on CBB5

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Here is the first part of the interview with evicted contestant Jade Goody last night on Celebrity Big Brother. It includes a roundup of national and international reactions by the media and politics on the racism row in the house, and a “worst of” video of Jade in the house.

Thanks to ArtynmayCBB5 for processing all of this for youtube. Further critical comments to be found on K-Punk.

Face of hate

Film mit Ablaufdatum: Muttertag

January 20, 2007 at 9:42 am | Posted in Austria, Comedy, Film, German, Posts in German, Review | 3 Comments

Indien PosterA heartfelt apology to the English speaking readers, but this post is going to have to be in German. Habe mir soeben die vielgerühmte österreichische Komödie Muttertag (Regie: Harald Sicheritz) angesehen. Die Erwartungen waren hoch, schließlich hat mich der letzte vergleichbare Film Indien (R: Paul Harather) – ebenfalls aus Österreich, ebenfalls Komödie, beide aus 1993 und mit teilweise gleicher Besetzung – zum Heulen und Lachen gebracht. Obendrein hat der nette Paul Sedlacek, der auch für den Vierteiler Die zweite Republik Regie geführt hat, beides geschnitten – vielversprechender kann es ja kaum kommen.

Die Zuschauerin wurde enttäuscht. Muttertag ist nach genauerem Besehen ein Film mit Ablaufdatum: geeignet für Komiknostalgiker, die den Film 1993 schon im Kino gesehen haben und jetzt noch mal über die alten Witze lachen wollen. Deutschen verlangen nach bald 30 Jahren noch immer nach dem Zitronencremebällchen aus (oder auf) Loriots Kosakenzipfel, in Österreich erzählt man sich vermutlich gerne Szenen aus Muttertag. Die letzte Behauptung ist reine Spekulation.

Bei Muttertag geht es um die kruden sozialen Begegnungen zwischen den Bewohnern einer Neubausiedlung, in der laut Anzeigetafel bereits 3477 Kinder leben (die Tafel schaltet eben ums, als sie ins Bild tritt). Der Familienvater hat ein Verhältnis mit der Inline-Skater-Schnepfe, der Sohn komische Hobbies, die Meerschweine und Computer zum Thema haben, der Opa soll ins Heim, damit dann endlich die Wohnung renoviert werden kann, die Nachbarin sieht alles, etc. pp.

Es könnte jede Menge Komisches passieren in einer solchen Zusammensetzung, wenn man dem Film das objektive Jahr 1993, aber subjektiv gefühlte Jahr 1988 nicht so schmerzhaft anmerken würde: an einer Reihe von Zutaten, die es größtenteils und Gottlob nicht ins neue Millenium geschafft haben. Zutaten, die dem Liebhaber wahrscheinlich lieb und teuer sind, mir aber ein Gräuel waren und als da wären:

  1. MuttertagKinder werden von erwachsenen Schauspielern gespielt: Das erinnert grausam an Fernsehulkereien wie Klimbim, ist in solchen bühnenverwandten Formen und auf der Bühne sicher auch hervorragend aufgehoben. Im Spielfilm ist’s mir unerträglich. Obendrein gibt’s dazu noch eine Pfadfindergruppenleiterin, die das mangelnd Kinderhafte ihrer Schützlinge dadurch versucht zu kompensieren, dass sie sie mit “Achtung, Kinder” adressiert und zum Wegschauen zu bringen sucht, wenn der Nachbar die Trudy knutscht. Und die Diskrepanz damit noch erhöht. Im Bild: Alfred Dorfer als der vorgeblich 14-jährige Sohn.

  2. Düringer MuttertagKlamauk bis ins Kostüm: Dass mit Erwachsenen in Kinderklamotten kein Method acting zu machen ist, ist eh klar und ist auch nicht das Ziel von Komödien. Dass die kindischen Gesten auf 30jährigen Körpern nicht funktionieren, wundert niemanden. Wenn aber auch das Kostüm so absurd gewählt sein muss, dass volljährige Schauspielerinnen mit Rattenzöpfen, Nickelbrillen und kurzen Latzhöschen rumlaufen müssen (und in diese reingreifen, weil sie zum ersten Mal menstruieren), wenn sich bei Oppa die Latexglatze wölbt und alle Kassengestelle tragen, wartet man nur noch auf den Karnevalspräsidenten. Wolle mer se roilasse?

  3. Richy Guitar CoverDas absolut unerträglichste und schmerzhafteste Erzählmittel der deutschsprachigen 80er-Jahre-Komödie aber ist die olle Fußgängerzonenpunkband, Rockmusik aus Verstärkern dröhnend, die sich kein Punk jemals hat leisten können, und scherzhaftes Spiel mit den – natürlich – urspießigen Zuhörern treibend, der nietenbeschlagenen Frontfrau mit zuviel Make-up folgend, so werden wir sie den ganzen Film über nicht los. Im Park lungern sie herum, immer ein Lied auf den Lippen, begleiten den Film mit kritischem Kommentar im Songtext und natürlich gibt es am Schluss ein Fest, wo die olle Band auch schon wieder aufspielt, als gäbe es nur diese eine Band auf der Welt. Und was anderes als Punkrock würde sich der Kleinbürger zum Spanferkel auch wünschen? Zwischendurch verursachen die Punker aber mal auch Ärger, berauben etwa einen Kurier eines Beutels mit einer Spenderniere und lecken sich schon die Lippen. — Das Bild ist erkennbar nicht aus Muttertag, sondern einem anderen schlimmen Film der 80er, in dem auch so eine kommentarfreudige Band in der Fußgängerzone rumsteht: Richy Guitar (1985) mit den ganz jungen Ärzten. Bitte nicht kaufen.

Genug gemotzt. Wenn man diese drei Aspekte ignoriert, dann kann es u.U. ein ganz amüsanter Film sein, wenn man dem sozialkritischen Klamauk nicht abhold ist. Ich für meinen Teil bin wohl noch zu sehr traumatisiert von meiner Jugend, in der das Klamaukkino Deutschland fest in den Händen hielt. Selbst Man spricht Deutsh konnte mir bestenfalls ein müdes Arschrunzeln entlocken. Andererseits sollte man manche Kabarettstücke einfach wirklich nicht für den Film adaptieren – und wenn doch, dann wenigstens die Punkband draußen lassen.

Indien (Österreich 1993, 90 min) Regie: Paul Harather. Mit und geschrieben von Josef Hader und Alfred Dorfer. IMDB

Muttertag (Österreich 1993, 95 min) Regie: Paul Harather. Mit Alfred Dorfer, Reinhard Nowak, Lukas Resetarits. IMDB

Richie Guitar (Deutschland 1985, 90 min) Regie: Michael Laux. Mit Farin Urlaub und Bela B. Felsenheimer. IMDB

Remember the A-Team?

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Dirk Benedict a.k.a. “Face” is currently one of the housemates on UK Celebrity Big Brother. Being American, he seems to be bonding a bit (or at least trying to) with Shilpa Shetty, both being alienated by the chav crowd in the house.

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