Vacation ahead!

December 12, 2006 at 6:03 pm | Posted in Teaching English | 2 Comments

Today I “wrapped up” the third semester course – the film reviews which students have to write are still due, but no more teaching will take place. The third semester started earlier and many courses were blocked to give students an opportunity to begin their exchange semester earlier. In Austria, the winter semester normally commences in October and ends in the final days of January; summer semester begins in March and ends in June. In most non-German-speaking countries, however, semesters or trimesters start in January.

The blocked courses were occasionally a bit tedious (180 minute classes can hardly be anything else, both for students and me), but at least I also get the benefit of not having to teach this semester in January 😀

Tomorrow are the final three seminars for me before my holidays begin on Friday. Can’t wait! On Saturday evening we’ll be in Vienna (Wien is German name) the capital of Austria and only city that has reasonable metropolitan dimensions in Austria. Although I have never been there, I have secretly already fallen in love with Vienna (and am secretly cherishing the idea of moving to Vienna one day – it’s 2.2 million people vs. 40,000 in the Dornbirn area!).

Who’d have been surprised at the results of this Googlefight?


Truth is, I really would have expected Dornbirn (“Thorny Pear”) to do worse.


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  1. dag. my heimatort wins the fight, yeah yeah. knapp. but then, i don’t have dornbirn on my stinker list. so to add facts facts facts:
    i would rather ausgehen in dornbirn, believe me. whats better. rather ditte or dette. on the other hand, maybe its better to get aids than to vote for george w bush. hopewise.

  2. Nice one 🙂 I just went out in Dornburn (sort of) and didn’t get to eat shit, but braised liver with onions, rice and a glass of Blaufränkisch (my favourite wine! forget everything else!).

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