The 2nd digital story telling (DST) workshop

December 9, 2006 at 6:44 pm | Posted in Webfilm | 1 Comment

The second part of the DST workshop today focused on the actual production of a digital story. We worked on PCs, using Microsoft’s Photostory. Microsoft sucks, of course, yet this program is fairly handy when it comes to putting sound, photographs and titles togetherquickly to create something that’s very close to a film. Ideal for webfilm, actually. The sound recording quality is poor (and might be worse if you have a bad microphone), but since the auditive quality goes down the drain on the interweb anyway, it cannot do much harm.

I had a total of six hours to create the story and no story board prepared. Considering these circumstances, I think I managed to splice something reasonable together. Just disregard the semantic level – I had to come to a close at one point, so it ends with an inredibily cheesy message. Of course I didn’t mean it that way.

:::::::What’s going on here? I’ve tried for the first time to used the embed object tag copied from youtube (worked fine on blogspot) – but the movie doesn’t appear on the page, instead the tag keeps dissappearing from the CODE each time I save it. Is youtube no longer PC in the blogging world or what’s happening here?:::::::::::

Well then, here’s the link to the video.

:::::Thanks to Lenina, I figured out how to solve the problem: Simply paste something like [ youtube=] into the editor (not the source code editor). I’ve entered a space following the first square bracket (to display the snippet) which you need to delete, of course.:::::

Speaking of cheesy message: I did not pick the cover foto for the movie! Who knows how youtube comes up with these. I intended it to be a picture of the Scottish sky (= first picture in movie).

ADVERTISEMENT! The workshop was arranged and given by Manuela and Jonny of REFLECT & ACT, an NGO that was established to bring digital story telling to the youth, to teach them to reflect 0n the choices they make.

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  1. re: embedding a youtube link: here’s how (I’ve discussed this in my blog):

    [fuck, the embed isn’t working… will rectify it tomorrow]

    edit: 14th August 06: apparently there is a problem with inserting youtube contents directly into wordpress. See article here.

    I’m going to follow the author’s instructions and try and embed the futureheads video that way. Bascially, all you need to do is enter this into the post editor (NOT into the html code):

    [ youtube=] – Obviously remove the space between the first square bracket and youtube, and replace the letters after the w/ with the letters of whatever video you want to display.

    check out my post:

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