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December 8, 2006 at 8:19 pm | Posted in Art, Funny Stuff, Spam | 3 Comments

While streamlining an article that is due today (statistically speaking I have written one article for each decade that I’ve lived: three so far), I’m trying not to avert my attention from the screen, but unfortunately the screen has got several screens in itself that bear potential for distraction, and the computer’s connected to the internet. As a result, diversion and procastination is becoming rife.

Even the spam that keeps coming in distracts me.

I’ve often marvelled at the excentric artistic quality of some spam. If this one, for instance, had been created by an artist, it would probably have been praised for its attempt to capture the aesthetics of 256-bit graphics.

Furthermore, it breaks all the rules of succesful email marketing: unpersonalized, untargetted content, no context, opaque subject line (bamboo stress), and it does not even contain a link!


And right below the image it features a text that appears to be completely unconnected:

The plastic light apertures are thermally-moulded acrylic and high-output LEDs are now replacing the traditional neon lamps.
Look for a vendor who can accommodate the changes you face as they affect you. Q: What types of organisations could benefit from using bonded warehouses?
We now offer a range of Windows and Windows CE terminals that offer browser-based functionality.
Q: So what are the strategic implications for a manufacturer like Belgravium? MDL were using the warehouse management functionality from the existing ERP system, over time this had been customised to meet the growing demands of the MDL business. Via RFID initiatives, managers will be able to monitor and review store performance and tackle problem areas.
Built into ACmanager is the capability to handle the requirements of all trading partners at all tier levels. The Projects module is much more flexible than a standard sales module. CUSTOMER SERVICE ACCOLADETesco is a particularly demanding customer, and this has been a driving force for the introduction of the Infor COM ERP system.
“A company seeking to contain the cost of technology initiatives while increasing the effectiveness of its supply chain will find that DS Collaborate delivers tremendous business value.
“We can now take better care of our customers and meet their service level requirements, as well as create a manufacturing plan and adapt to fluctuations in demand quickly.
This has been particularly useful for the Tesco projects.
How long does the battery last?
Via RFID initiatives, managers will be able to monitor and review store performance and tackle problem areas.
Preactor has a “what if” capability, so you can test the alternative strategies for dealing with, say, a breakdown, and then pick the one that meets your objectives.
We were also able to recognise and thank our partners’ commitment with special awards for a remarkable year of growth for voice in Europe,” added Greg Tanner. How have they built their reputation?
“We were looking for a logistics partner who is in a position to improve the efficiency of our production facility,” according to Fred Holvast, Manager for Distribution and Customer Service. Look for products that are designed from the very beginning for warehouse and industrial use. The combined company has the scale and resources to continue to support our extensive customer base while investing in enhancements and long-term product innovation.

God bless the spam artists


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  1. I ran across your blog in Tag surfer and love the spam article. My spam is only redundant viagra and ‘enauuygsdg[oihfpiugp’ spam. Never the artistic kind that you get. Very amusing.

    Keep those articles coming. Try doing two per decade now and work your way up!

  2. Awe man, i never used to get spam and alluva sudden i get those exact spams. what a pain!

  3. Do you submit your spam to SpamCop?

    If you do, SpamCop will analyze the spam, find out where it originated and submit a complaint to the appropriate network administrators. It helps to track down spam sources and eliminate them.

    It’s easy to submit spam to SpamCop; all you need is “forward as attachment” function in your mail software. Gmail doesn’t have it, sadly. Thunderbird does. I don’t know about Apple Mail.

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