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December 7, 2006 at 1:46 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 5 Comments

I’ve just installed Mozilla Thunderbird, and I think that I am now slowly beginning to get the point of RSS feeds. Looks neatly like an email inbox – I wish iMail had a similar feature. But I’ll never transfer from iMail to Thunderbird – I just love the sound of an email leaving the iMail outbox too much.

In any case, seems to me as if RSS is something that I’d rather want in my email client, not in my web client.

A note to Lenina: My OS is just a tad too old (10.3.9. not 10.4, hence the Safari with built-in RSS reader won’t work in my comp. But the powerbook is provided by my employer, which is why I cannot simply upgrade to a newer OS (which would most likely be illegal if I organized it myself). Or so I think.

I’ll just make this post to see how Thunderbird will digest it.

EDIT: So Thunderbird was able to tell the new post from the older posts. Regrettably, I did not get a notification of some sort (e.g. a little bling (sound), are a little icon indicating that there’s a new message on the OS dashboard).

Next thing to figure out is why Lenina’s blog is displayed with the full page chrome (header image, etc.), while my blog displays as a text only file). Any ideas, anyone?



EDIT: EDIT: Ok, time for some Firefox dissing: In Safari, you don’t get a WYSIWYG interface, copy pasting URLs from flickr is easy (I don’t like using Flickr’s “blog this picture” function, as it only comes complete with flickr’s branding). Today I switched to Firefox, unknowingly using the WYSIWYG surface – which put the Code live as text…. I’ve switched to the ‘code’ tab now and published again, yet without any success. *schnurch*

EDIT: EDIT: EDIT: Fixed with Safari


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  1. Hey, I’ve just realized that – while I might be the only person using the term F***ing Vorarlberg (Fing-Vorarlberg to WP), there is NOBODY on WP who uses the tag Vorarlberg :-))

  2. LOL. maybe try Austria instead 😉

    the thunderbird set-up looks good, I might try it out myself. The problem is that I only use webmail at the moment (for my private mails) and for work, I kind of ‘have to’ use M$ applications, so my work-related mail is handled by Outlook Express. Installing Thunderbird _just_ for feeds.. dunno… I may try it though, if it’s worth it.

  3. maybe it’s also an idea to check your other tags on the gradient opacity/transparency. E.g ‘Being German’ similarly isn’t used by anyone else. It all boils down to the purpose of your blog, I guess. I too want to stay _anonymous_ (-ish), hence I don’t include any links to my LinkedIn etc. profiles. However, I _do_ want to be simultaneously visible and find-able, that is, my blog, not myself 😉

  4. I’ve already done that and examined and approved of ‘Being German’ 🙂

    As mentioned “earlier: The logic of tags (Web 2.0) won’t help me here – help me in structuring my text into categores that make sense to me.

    Tags don’t have a syntax, but syntax is pivotal here – for me, for the expression of the notion ‘Being German’, as opposed to ‘Being’ plus ‘German’.

    I want to be able to structure my thoughts around categories that make sense to me.

    Findable, oh well. The people who know me are able to find the blog. I’ve rarely ever stumbled upon a blog that seemed to be interesting to me, and mainly because I didn’t know the person.

    At the same time, if I know someone I am interested in practically every bit of online presence that I can lay my mouse on 😀

  5. I forgot to say – I’ve blogged about this in the past, re: how to use ‘Web 1.0 elements’ (e.g. ‘navigation’ in the old sense) in a web 2.0 environment:

    actually, it’s a fucking long post 😐 – in any case, you can use tags for navigational purposes in the web 1.0 sense. One way would be to only use tags that no one else does, so as to use them primarily for navigation in your own blog.

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