Pathetic, living in a small town

December 6, 2006 at 11:08 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

I realize that I am beginning (have since long begun) to repeat myself, nevertheless I need to make this point again: Isn’t it pathetic to live in a place that is so small that you can take a photograph of it, including its entire vicinity (other towns and villages, that is, not just suburbs), and still are able to locate the place where you work?

I’ve done that to today’s webcam pic from our local mountain. The red square identifies the buildings that belong to Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences, the tiny yellow square locates the window (!) of my office. So in a way, I was looking into my own eyes when I captured this picture.

Clicky for biggy!

Btw, that’s the webcam I normally use:

Dornbirn Locator

EDIT: No, there’s nothing wrong with the webcam, the weather has just become really lousy!

The fog in Dornbirn


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  1. hm, I clicked on the link and it’s only a grey image. With regard to the discussion/contrasting of places to live, I was going to do the same at some point with Edinburgh v. London. Though I’ll probably wait till I’ve lived in London again for a while. Every time I go there it’s an information overload and my brain synapses just start to kick into place. I don’t know yet whether that’s a good thing or not 😛

  2. Shitty weather – the reason why you see nothing but a grey image when clicking on the webcam link is because it just started raining. The clouds like to get stuck on the mountain range that starts here, and then they’re wrung out until they’re empty.

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