Daily report: gross

December 4, 2006 at 11:48 pm | Posted in Food | 6 Comments

Hello world. I’v just resolved to making one entry a day, and also to keeping the individual posts shorter.

Midnight’s coming closer and bloody ole Dornbirn is soaking wet with rain. Started teaching at 9 today and finished at half five, with the notorious results: fried brain.

Fried brain is also a nice term to google, here are some of the select results:

A member of the Manson clan, chowing on fried chicken – on the side: every once in a while, I enjoy putting on Sharon Tate rememberance make-up, for those who don’t know her: she was one of the unfortunate souls who were killed by the Mansons.

Unless this is a hoax, a Fried brain sandwich is a delicacy served in Evansville, Indiana. Difficult to decide which is worse: the risk of contracting Bovine spongiform encephalopathy (Mad cow disease) or having to gulp down one of those spongiform (“sponge-shaped”) American wheat rolls.

A fried brain oyster shooter is an alcoholic drink served down under consisting of vodka, shucked oyster (i.e. without the shell), cocktail sauce and a few drops of Tabasco.

And now for something completely different:

This is a seapenis, a type of seafood that is apparently served in Korea. Wikipedia, surprisingly, doesn’t know anything about it. Any ideas, anyone?

On a mission to smother all signs of previously acquired déformation professionelle in the academic world with anecdote, yours sincerely:



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  1. if you manage to sustain the 1 post / day I’ll add you to my feeds. I’m always interested in reading what you’ve been up to but it’s frustrating when there’s no new content for days on end.

    I’ve been keeping it up since July (at least 1 post/day) and you get used to it. There again, if I had a *real* job I probably wouldn’t have enough time to do it as frequently..

  2. Actually, it shouldn’t be too difficult, only that I would not know yet what to post on days that absolutely nothing seems to be happening (of course I could start ranting about my job, but I guess this would not be the appropriate platform:-)

    What do you mean by: You’ll add me to your feeds. Is that something that is going to happen on your page? Do I need to do anything to allow you to add me? I thought I’d have to add this RSS-widget first…

  3. Am I RSSable with me knowing?

  4. …without me knowing?

  5. you sure are. in Firefox (or Firefoxy, as I call it) there’s an orange ‘feed’ button next to the URL in the browser. Just click on there. In fact do try it out with mine or your own blog. When I started blogging I had my own blog in my feed for a while, just to see what it looks like to other people

    E.g. in terms of what headings to choose etc. – it should ‘make sense’ and tell you a little bit about the content of hte post. So, it helps to see one’s own blog in a feed.

  6. PS: I’m using feeds in my browser (FF) but I’ve also got Google Reader as part of my personal Google homepage. It’s pretty neat, though I hardly have the time to read all feeds every day.

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