Scottish Trivia, pt. 3

November 27, 2006 at 10:04 am | Posted in Entertainment | 5 Comments

I’ve developed a bit of a tunnel vision for all things Scottish ever since I spent a month in Scotland this year. For this next bit I would not have needed a tunnel vision, though, it came in through Sam’s blog. Apparently, there is a Scottish Wikipedia.

I was in Scotland shortly after Tom Weir (quote: “a Scottish climber, author and broadcaster. He was best known for his long-running television series Weir’s Way”) had died. For the occasion, The Scotman came up with a DVD as an insert to commemorate Weir. Looking for examples of documentaries of different styles, I turned to this DVD that I had nearly forgotten I have, and soon got a little bewitched by it: listening to an old Scotsman explaining the history and countryside is a rather refreshing form of entertainment in the postmodern age. Actually, merely listening to the sound of the Scottish language alone does the trick for me.

Anyhow, the Scottish Wikipedia hasn’t bothered to cover Tom Weir yet – in the meantime, one will have to make do with the English article on Weir.


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  1. note though the difference between Scots language and Scottish English. The former is an actual different language (well, that’s contested… but it is insomuch that it has substantially different vocabulary etc.) while ‘Scottish English’ is simply the form of the English language used in Scotland (which I think you’re referring to).

    I think the Scots Wikipedia is meant to be the former – Scots _language_ and not Scottish English even though Scottish English also arguably has a lot of words that don’t exist in Standard English, e.g. ‘ken’ for ‘know’ etc.

    When I was studying ‘Anglistik’ at the University of Cologne, one module offered was ‘Scots’. I never took it because back then English was my Holy Grail 😛

    For reference:

    Scots Language:

    Scottish English:

  2. Sure, I realized the difference when looking at the Scots wikipedia – the lexis isn’t the same, the same probably goes for grammar.

    Nevertheless I wondered why Tom Weir (who spoke Scottish English in his programme) wasn’t mentioned in the Scots Wikipedia – being something like a Scottish icon on British TV.

    I had a rather broad notion of Scottish (not Scots) in mind when I used the term: pertaining to Scotland, pertaining to the people of Scotland.

    Btw, any ideas why I had to approve this comment? It “awaited moderation” when I logged on.

  3. I think WordPress puts any comment containing more than one URL automatically into moderation, to prevent spamming.

  4. do you mind if i comment here?

  5. Not at all, is this the content for which you are asking for moderation?

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