Happy birthday, bro!

November 25, 2006 at 4:27 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments
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Today is also the 36th birthday of my brother who has come down to Vorradelberg to celebrate. Yesterday we went to dine at the Tokyo Running Sushi Bar in B. Later, we saw the surprisingly funny Wer früher stirbt ist länger tot in the cinema, a film by a Bavarian director whose middle name is the name of the village he comes from (Markus Hausham Rosenmüller).

It’s interesting to have my brother here. From his perspective, Dornburn is a lively little town, 20 times the size of the place where he lives and two times the size of the nearby town where I went to school when I still lived there. To me, its a claustrophobic, paranoia-inducing nightmare, because I have this thing of believing that I can never be myself if I constantly run into people who know me. I either need complete anonymity around me or the reassuring presence of some close friends, a few people I trust. But this scenario of dozens of acquaintances, three quarters of which are work-related, seems to be really getting to me.

A couple of years ago a friend of mine and I tried to describe our favourite positions within a community/society and finally agreed that OFF-CENTER would be the ideal position: being able to observe what’s going own, but remaining unseen oneself. We had a type of invisibility in mind that would allow you to traverse and roam different social fields, but without ever having a particular standing (and in connection with that: responsibility) in any of these spheres.

This, however, is irreconcilable with particular professions, and maybe in general irreconcilable with most types of bourgeois careers.

Lest I get carried away, here are a few pics from today: My brother and I, me and my brother, and a view of Dornburn as seen from the Karren (to allow those who haven’t visited me yet to get an idea of what it looks like – come soon, before it’s too late!)

Birthday Boy

Birthday Boy


Clicky to see these pictures on Flickr.

EDIT: Yes, we do have a rather dissimilar complexion. He’s pink and I’m yellow. We came out as the opposing extremes of phenotypes from your genetic pool (he could be a bit blonder, though – hey, I realized today that he does not have a single grey hair, in spite of being four years older than me… and I had my first when I was 16!)


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  1. when will it be too late to visit you?

    We’ll probably be staying for a few days next year springtime (April/May) on our way to Italy. That will probably be the last time as I’m thinking of selling the house for various reasons — not least the fact that while we’re there, people _I can’t fucking stand_ come to visit us every single day at least once and sit down to talk about boring shit and are constantly cheerful and laugh a lot.

    My BF doesn’t understand me at all but luckily there are other people e.g. yourself who know what it feels like to have to be social, friendly and in the company of people for prolonged periods of time who are really irritating.

    Give me an island with only myself on it ANY TIME.

  2. April/May I am still going to be here – and considering that your Italian spell is going to end at some point next year, I should come visit you there, too.

    We could scare off those sociable people together.

    Yes, the island to oneself. I’ve thought of that frequently in my life, though with a slightly different connotation. I thought of the island not as my retreat from annoying people, but as a place to hide. Suppose I should adjust my perspective.

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