Naked little dead man

November 18, 2006 at 12:23 pm | Posted in Art | 11 Comments

Here is a pic I had promised to send to Johnny Malmedy – apologies for not having done so yet. We went to the Artcologne and its alternative, the artfair, together. He’s covered it in his blog, too.

Didn’t take notes of whose exhibit this one was. We just took photos with our mobiles, like everyone else. Nobody tries to take up information anymore, they just take photos. One day these photos will just dissappear – when they switch to new computers, when our picture CD-roms decompose, when the file standards are changed. And eventually, what has come to be considered the information age, will turn out to be the age of mass destruction of information.

Stick it to the man! This one, for instance:

Naked little man

If you came here because you’re interested in Ron Mueck, you may want to start with this entry in Wikipedia.


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  1. is that Ron Mueck’s Dead Dad?


    i hope this works..

    you know Ron Mueck had a show on in Edinburgh when you were here?

  2. argh, hasn’t worked. you’ll have to click on the link. it seems it’s not possible to embed an image in a comment.

  3. Ah. Nice. I like it. Thanke you. No, it isse not Borat talking, it’s the Johnny, the one born in Malmedy. I liked it very much being to the Art in Cologne with Anaj. It was fun!

  4. @jomalm, si, no, no ce Borat. By the way, have you seen the film already? I haven’t but I suppose it’s must see.

    @lenina: no, that’s different sculpture! The Artcologne’s artist probably plagiarized it, or Ron Mueck created several sculptures of the kind.

    @jomalm: Could you check in the catalogue whether Ron Mueck had any exhibits at the Artcologne?

  5. Wenn ich bloß wüsste, wo ich den Katalog hinverlegt habe… Isn’t it googable?

  6. Ja, Borat gesehen. Muss man sehen und dann auch gleich wieder vergessen.

  7. Okay! Werd mich darum bemühen den Film zu scauen. Mein Bruder kommt dieses WE nach Dorabira (sein zweiter Besuch in einer Gegend in der ich wohne, obendrien sein 36. Geburstag), dann schleife ich ihn vielleicht mal in so ein Kino. Das mit dem Googlable muss ich noch mal checken – zweifle aber, die Website ist schon so schwoch von der Artcolögne.

  8. […] have hence now included the naked Borat footage, courtesy by youtube, into the post that curiously attracted the attention in the past: a post about about a visit to an artfair where a ‘naked little dead man’ was exhibited […]

  9. SEX WITH ME BORAt……..
    the little cute naked is so HOT.!.!>!>!>!>!>
    his small little cock is so cute and sexy……..SEXSEXSEXxxx

  10. this does not appear to be Mueck’s work. His ‘Dead Dad’ piece has hair on the head as well as pubic hair. This torso also seems much slimmer with the rib cage showing while Mueck’s work seems fuller. Further more @ anaj I am not aware of any other versions of Mueck’s ‘Dead Dad’ so I would assume that this work is a very strong appropriation or is directly “plagiarized”

  11. not, it isn’t his work – somebody probably wanted benefit from the buzz mueck’s aesthetics have already created. difference is, however, that this sculpture was small, no more than 60-70cm – see my shadow on the wall.

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