Naked little dead man

November 18, 2006 at 12:23 pm | Posted in Art | 11 Comments

Here is a pic I had promised to send to Johnny Malmedy – apologies for not having done so yet. We went to the Artcologne and its alternative, the artfair, together. He’s covered it in his blog, too.

Didn’t take notes of whose exhibit this one was. We just took photos with our mobiles, like everyone else. Nobody tries to take up information anymore, they just take photos. One day these photos will just dissappear – when they switch to new computers, when our picture CD-roms decompose, when the file standards are changed. And eventually, what has come to be considered the information age, will turn out to be the age of mass destruction of information.

Stick it to the man! This one, for instance:

Naked little man

If you came here because you’re interested in Ron Mueck, you may want to start with this entry in Wikipedia.

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