Cologne vs Vorradelberg

November 17, 2006 at 5:49 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

Ok, this is an easy one. Vorradelberg doesn’t stand a chance against Cologne. I went there two weeks ago and life was just as good as it can only be in Cologne. Exaggeration, apparently, but it’s really a play-off of the city vs. the country side. Who needs the country side? There’s mainly people who never got out of there living there, whose priorities mainly are marrying and having children. Now, there’s nothing wrong with that, but it’s the context that makes all the difference: It has to happen as soon as possible, the wedding must be catholic, a house must be built, the male children must be indoctrinated in becoming real men, the girls are forcibly feminized until they all see no other point in life than doing just the same.

Btw, the gender pay gap in Vorradelberg in 35% (wage per hour after taxes), in the whole of Austria it’s just 18%, and 15% in the EU. That includes all people with an income – if one looks at those who work full time it is an exasperating 64%! Incredible.

One of the many nice things that happened to me in Cologne was this gorgeous party at Hanjo’s neighbour’s house, which would probably have to be referred to as a factory loft–only that he built everything (!) himself. Except the walls and roof. The loft was built into a roughly 8m high former workshop building. It was one of those rare parties where roughly 8 in 10 people are dancing, with the Dj playing nothing but instrumental music from the 60s and 70s and not a single hit among it. We got there two-ish, and I decided to go to sleep there at about 7ish, with Jessi holding out even longer. And I was so happy, the pure form of happiness that can only be achieved through dancing and drinking and talking until the bright day light. Here’s a view from the Rhine when I crossed the bridge the next day.

Allein am Rhein, allein:-)

Two days later I had to return to Vorradelberg, was forced back into the ridiculous corset consisting of title, profession and standing that people put you on here, like it or not. God, I so much long for the city!

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