Back in touch with Kiki

October 15, 2006 at 6:45 am | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

On Friday this weekend I went to Munich to see Kiki again. Hadn’t seen her for ages (and I was the person to blame for this). She’s moving to Brussels soon, so I figured this would be the last chance in a while to rekindle the friendship.

Getting to know old friends anew beats getting to know new friends anyway – you don’t start from scratch, most of the other’s peculiarities you already know anyway (and he/she knows yours), and on top of that you get a much more mature and interesting friend than the one you had in the past (and hopefully you are going to be more mature and maybe even more interesting, too).

Kiki and me
Kiki and me

Anyhow, I had a very nice time in Munich, we still fundamentally agree on the most important issues in the life of an early thirty something (e.g. on the inferiority of jealous girlfriends of male friends, the strange behaviour of men regarding the eating and drinking habits of their pregnant girlfriends/wife, the fact that the pursuit of happiness through a career is highly overrated…. or so I seem to remember it).

Kiki's kickass pumps
Kiki’s kickass pumps

On top of that, she convinced me that Munich isn’t half as evil as thought it to be – all the bars we went to were relaxed, nice music, easy going patrons, only the beer was a bit hard difficult to swallow (kinda to yeasty, couldn’t finish even half a litre in an hour). Oh, and in one bar, they created a cocktail especially for Kiki and named it after her. In the same spot they offered nine (!) types of soap in the restrooms (but no toilet paper…).

Quality of the pictures is rather abysmal… at least I managed to capture one of Kiki’s dimples (she claims they are wrinkles now, but I have to disagree…).

Kiki's kickass pumps

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