The business of Pink, pt. 1

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Something rather nice happened to me today: I got a prezzie from one of the students (one of those who qualified for the exemption exam – hence no worries about being bribed here); apparently I’ve been wearing pink a bit too often (but have to concede that PINK instills a kind of calm bliss in me that no other color will achieve – I wouldn’t mind living in an entirely pink home. Or world, for that matter).

Here it is: A book entirely dedicated to the business of pink.

P.S.: And posting pictures with flickr runs so smoothely that I would probably jerk off if I were a guy (male API programmer, that is to say). I can’t belives it’s not butter!

The giant pink bunny rabbit

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The giant pink bunny rabbit

Originally uploaded by anajemstaht.

And this is my favourite work of art in it (so far).

If you want to learn more about this peculiar stuffed bunny rabbit, visit Gelitin’s page.

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