October 7, 2006 at 9:21 am | Posted in Teaching English, Web 2.0 | 4 Comments

Hell, good morning. Day 2 on my WP blog. Had been trying for at least a dozen of times to import my blogspot posts yesterday, but the system always gave me a 404. Wrote a message to WP instead, let’s see by when they might have fixed it (or it is their problem at all).

Also, worked on my next lesson (Popular texts) until past 1 in the morning – mainly because I don’t want to be working on the weekend. In theory, one should be able to prepare one’s lessons in such a timely manner that you don’t end up burning the midnight oil. But while the steps that need to be taken to write a lesson plan for a grammar lesson are fairly easy to anticipate, its not quite the same with those content-based courses. Btw, I also set up a blog to document my and the students’ research for the course, but I am not supposed to disclose the URL to the public – at least that’s what the admin said. They are currently working on a WP based solution for student and faculty blogs… suddenly it’s blogs blogs blogs everywhere. Also need to write about the BLOG TALK that I went to on Tuesday, hosted by a web 2.0 company of the name LOVELY SYSTEMS. But I’ll do that in a different post.

Wheew, I’ve just added the category Daily routine, and have to say once more: I love all those dynamic, hyper-interactive widgets they’ve built into the site.

To Do for the weekend: Get a flickr account, like automatthias did (wheew, setting links is also cool in WP), to continue to include pictures in this blog.It’s becoming a bit texty now.



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  1. I guess Blogger would defend from WordPress by trying to break the import. Let’s hope it’s not the case. I’ve heard that there’s a massive migration from Blogger to WordPress. Blogger might want to stop or at least reduce that by making it unpleasant.

    I hope it’s not the case. You got 404, so it might be just some technical glitch, a non-existing address. 403 would mean “Forbidden” and this would be worse. Let’s wait for a WP response.

  2. Maybe, will look into my Blogger settings once more, maybe there is something that escaped my attention (and must be more cautious when posting comments, so as to avoid typos… can I edit a comment later on?)

    Tried to add you to my blogroll (did twice, actually, but it’s also not visible yet)

  3. You can’t edit comments (yet?). Hopefully WordPress will add this feature.

    I had the same problem with my blogroll. Try assigning a category to the link.

  4. So it is the case. I guess they call it a “marketing strategy”. 😉

    BTW, do you know “My comments” feature? It’s in Dashboard → My comments.

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