October 7, 2006 at 9:21 am | Posted in Teaching English, Web 2.0 | 4 Comments

Hell, good morning. Day 2 on my WP blog. Had been trying for at least a dozen of times to import my blogspot posts yesterday, but the system always gave me a 404. Wrote a message to WP instead, let’s see by when they might have fixed it (or it is their problem at all).

Also, worked on my next lesson (Popular texts) until past 1 in the morning – mainly because I don’t want to be working on the weekend. In theory, one should be able to prepare one’s lessons in such a timely manner that you don’t end up burning the midnight oil. But while the steps that need to be taken to write a lesson plan for a grammar lesson are fairly easy to anticipate, its not quite the same with those content-based courses. Btw, I also set up a blog to document my and the students’ research for the course, but I am not supposed to disclose the URL to the public – at least that’s what the admin said. They are currently working on a WP based solution for student and faculty blogs… suddenly it’s blogs blogs blogs everywhere. Also need to write about the BLOG TALK that I went to on Tuesday, hosted by a web 2.0 company of the name LOVELY SYSTEMS. But I’ll do that in a different post.

Wheew, I’ve just added the category Daily routine, and have to say once more: I love all those dynamic, hyper-interactive widgets they’ve built into the site.

To Do for the weekend: Get a flickr account, like automatthias did (wheew, setting links is also cool in WP), to continue to include pictures in this blog.It’s becoming a bit texty now.

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