Huzzah! I’m on WordPress!

October 6, 2006 at 11:50 am | Posted in Web 2.0 | 8 Comments

Kewl. I have immediately taken a liking to WP’s layout and features, and will continue blogging on

While this name is not very smart from a marketing point of view (that one would rather recommend to use, I am rather fond of the idea of LOSING traffic these days. I’ve cancelled the registration of my *.de domain of eight years three weeks ago without leaving a message earlier (was a but displeased about some Bulgarian offshore company immediately snatching the domain and abusing it to plant a virus, though).

But in the wake of this whole web 2.0 thingy, which brought in a new wave of users discovering the interweb for themselves, and with all the public and private rekindling of fast-money-on-the-web-schemes, I do believe that the only possible stance one can take as an individual is to not give a bean about traffic mania and similar aspirations… been down with web 1.0 (and badly let down by it), don’t need to start another frenzy about web 2.0.

Btw, anaj is my first name, but reversed: I’m Jana.


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  1. hey, so i guess i’ve made it to comment first on the anaj.wordpress… err do I get a prize (may help with the marketing!)
    really excellent to see your pics and find out about all your latest.. btw you’re looking great – mittens en all 🙂


  2. You can automagically import all your blogspot stuff in here. I did it and it worked like a charm. Look around in the administration panel.

  3. Dear Trusha,

    wow, that was quick. Thanks for the comment, I suppose I look much better than what I feel like, but that’s much better than the other way around:-) I used to think that shorter hair makes you look younger, but the opposite seems to be true once you’ve crossed the 30;-)

    Dear Automatthias, thanks for the hint! Must find out how that works in detail – I hope it is not going to import the pictures too, because then I would have used up my 25 meg in no time. Automagical, I like that word:-)

  4. Once you are past 30, as a woman, short hair no longer looks good. Though blokes should cut their hair once they hit 30 (hint hint to you-know-who- you-are. Only kidding :P).

  5. Yep, I agree. By the time they hit 30, very few men have enough and healthy enough hair for it to look good, and there are few things less attractive than fuzzy long hair and a high forehead. A guy like that was speaking during the Blogtalk I just mentioned… and they’re all married.

  6. Ekhm. I must belong to this minority then. Very few women have thicker hair than I have, regardless to age.

    Speaking of blokes, I’m going to start training Aikido again, and I have a choice: learn to self-braid or shorten the hair. I tried braiding, but after three or four twists I’m getting confused. I’m sure I can learn it, though. What do you think about it? Braid or shorten?

  7. Congratulations, this is indeed rare! Learning to braid (US) or plait (UK – this commenst are for me only, because my English needs to get much better still, considering the fact that I am an English teacher) your hair might take a while. Where do you start braiding: below or on your scalp? The latter would be a French braid which (forgive me for being so gender centred) I don’t think is very flattering for a guy. I’d rather tie it up with a plain black hair tie – because if your hair really is thick and healthy, then don’t cut it! Maybe a Samurai style hair-do would be coll for your Aikido lessons….

  8. cut cut’n’cut, if I had anything to do with it 🙂

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