Huzzah! I’m on WordPress!

October 6, 2006 at 11:50 am | Posted in Web 2.0 | 8 Comments

Kewl. I have immediately taken a liking to WP’s layout and features, and will continue blogging on

While this name is not very smart from a marketing point of view (that one would rather recommend to use, I am rather fond of the idea of LOSING traffic these days. I’ve cancelled the registration of my *.de domain of eight years three weeks ago without leaving a message earlier (was a but displeased about some Bulgarian offshore company immediately snatching the domain and abusing it to plant a virus, though).

But in the wake of this whole web 2.0 thingy, which brought in a new wave of users discovering the interweb for themselves, and with all the public and private rekindling of fast-money-on-the-web-schemes, I do believe that the only possible stance one can take as an individual is to not give a bean about traffic mania and similar aspirations… been down with web 1.0 (and badly let down by it), don’t need to start another frenzy about web 2.0.

Btw, anaj is my first name, but reversed: I’m Jana.

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