Here’s to goodbye

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That’s it. The course has finished, all twelve trainees have passed the course and will, if Cambridge doesn’t object upon inspection of our portfolios, be awarded the CELTA certificate. Here are some final pictures.

The trainee bunch, from left to right: Neil (Aberdeen, Scotland, and Barcelona, Spain, as of Tuesday, c’rect?), me, Natasha (Rostov, Russia, one of our birthday girls on the course; she must already be back on her way home by now, bye, Natasha), Philip or flippant Phil, Phil who’s got ants in his pants, our endearing tutor (currently London, England), Sophie (North Berwick, Scotland, who taught kids in Thailand for a year before she began to study though she’s only 21), Paul (Edinburgh, Scotland, who is also heading to Spain soon, good luck for both you future Spaniards), Tom (currently based somewhere 1.5 hours away from Edinburgh, but has recently returned from seven year ‘stint’ in Japan, wow ), Sarah (currently Edinburgh, Scotland, but she’s been about everywhere doing everything, including being a chef in Zambia), Alex (from England, based in Edinburgh, another birthday and the brave person who went on the deep fried mars bar excursion with me, thank you Alex!) and Silvia (originally from Sao Paulo in Brasil, but now based in the North of Scotland, a natural as a language teacher AND a former olympic athlete, whew).

Missing in this picture: Steve (Mr. Capoeira who had a fifteen pages lesson plan for his final TP and does not want to have his picture published on a blog), Gianna (who I’d like to dub Goldilocks and who I sadly missed on this last gettogether), and David (who will by now be on his way to Rome, his new home, best of luck!), and Mark, our other incredibily efficient tutor.

Some of our students:

The tall guy in the middle is Pavel, “my” case study. I wrote my second assignment about his language skills and needs, and he wrote on essay for me about the impact of open source software on the IT market. While he’s still at intermediate stage (and has come to Scotland from Russia about 2 months ago), he is (to my and other people’s judgment) incredibly smart and able to make witty jokes in English. And he’s two meters tall, although he’s only 17, as you can probably see in this picture. The guy next to him is Omar from Senegal,an aspiring engineer, and also another rough diamond on the course. Props, guys! The one on the left I don’t know, must be an arb stranger or somebody who joined the intermediate group after I had changed to elementary.

The two guys on the left are Faustino (and if everybody in Galicia is like Tino, like Tino said, then I don’t think I want to go to Galicia, certainly not without hearing protection) and Adam, originally from Poland, who is a triathlete, wow. To the right: Sophie and Natasha.

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