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Dear World,

You won’t believe how happy I am to be able to say that my FINAL teaching practice unit is coming up tomorrow. Last TP was tough, Philip (Dale, our tutor) meant to be “pushing me a bit harder” to work on my “missing link”, pronunciation drill. Am unable to say right now whether I’ll be able to meet the demands and to outperform all my previous TPs (not even sure whether this is what I want), but at least I can say that I am well prepared.

Am a bit worried about my fellow trainee Steven whose final TP covers a language point, and for an unknown reason this has never appeared on his lesson plan up to this point. Needless to say that this is unfair, as the expectation generally is that your last TP is to be your masterpiece. EDIT: I was actually wrong in assuming that this was Steve’s first language point. As a matter of fact, it was his third. S’pose the reason for this is that Steve managed to make all his language lessons appear like a skills lesson to me – must be his innate gift to establish rapport with complete strangers. He’s been known as “Mr Instant Rapport” in all the intermediate lessons – the very low proficiency level of the elementary group might have scared him a bit. Dunno, am thinking about what I could do to help him through the final TP – timewise this is going to be tough as Stefanie is coming up to EDI tomorrow (yay!).

Ok, nuf said for today. Some pics from the bee hive:

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