Treat from a chippy

August 23, 2006 at 10:44 pm | Posted in Scotland | Leave a comment

This is how the cookie crumbles! A layer of white paper:

A layer of brown paper:

And a layer of batter.


Use your fingers,

grab a bite, and then:

Dig in!

The remnants of the feast (probably worth a full afternoon snack on a weight watchers diet…)

My next project: the deep fried battered Mars bar. Stay tuned!


August 23, 2006 at 10:30 pm | Posted in Scotland | Leave a comment

Today was a real stinker. Resubmission of second assignment (tiny resubmission: need to provide an illustration, i.e. photocopy of a minimal pair exercise – showing that one is able to master and apply the concept of minimal pairs in analysis wasn’t enough), easy as pie, but still another thing to think about. Lack of sleep.

Having to cancel dinner with Sarah, Natasha and Cider due to deadline pressure: classes tomorrow, muse gig tomorrow, submission of third assignment on Friday –> everything must be ready to rumble as of tonight! No class observation this afternoon –> another afternoon and evening in the study centre. Creating new material, adjusting lesson plan. Adjusting vocab analysis. Adjusting material to vocab analysis, adjusting lesson plan.

Completing assignment three, print. proof-read. You need a another weakness in pt. 1. ok, another weakness. Add. Print. How is this going to affect your future as a teacher? Dammit. I forget. Expand. Print. Proof-read. Typo. Correct. Word count! Word count. Too high. Doctor the text. Mmh. Word count. Doctor the word count. Print. Proof-read. Done! Arf.

Photocopier. Photocopier is calibrating. Wait. Copy. Reverse. Page two. Cut up illustrations. Splice together with blue tack. Put on machine. Please no paper jam! 10 pages. Done! Leave BP. Bus late, weird people on the streets. Should mentally disabled people be allowed to have children? Mmm. Bus 19. Ok, finally, some minutes to myself to relax….

Sam had already told me she wouldn’t be there, meaning: nobody to be silent with while I’m having my dinner (I am not too chatty after such a day, as you can imagine; apparently things are better when I had an ‘Above standard’ on the TP of that day, but that has only happened once so far;-) I decided that I needed some comfort food and went to ANGELO’s, our local chippy. Single fish, please (i.e. without chips), with salt and vinegar. Hmmmm. The fish is endearingly warm on my hands as I carry it home, and my soul is sighing with relief…

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