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Ok, this is Sunday. We undertook a fabulous outing to North Berwick yesterday, but no time to write about that at present.

Tomorrow, my first assignment is due: “Language related tasks”. For four different language items, we need to provide a discussion of meaning, form and phonology, and in particular devise a context to illustrate the meaning and effective concept questions to check students’ understanding. Of course I know that I am inclined to get bogged down in details… right now I am getting bogged down in illustration: Yes, this may be taken literally.

Not wanting to print every other draft of the assignment, I decided to go completely digital. The last time I tampered with Flash was in 2000 (time flies…), thank God it did not take me too long to get used to the interface again. I suppose Freehand would be better than Flash for illustrations, but I really to not have the time to get my head around another software right now. Anyhow, please marvel at my explanation of:

IT’S TOO HEAVY TO CARRY (particular challenge being that the structure must be explained with as simple words as possible, as this is an elementary structure):

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Illustration of Language Items
Several images, some of them sequential, created to illustrate the four language items of English:
_too heavy to carry
_they lived VS they have lived
_remember to meet VS remember meeting him
_I wish I had (done something in the past)

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