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The Basil Paterson classroom. I took this pictures at night (working late), which might make the room look a bit duskier than it really is. But of course it’s a completely different teaching atmosphere compared to good old (new) Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences. Things like teaching / learning in a horseshoe, not having a desk to write on (to hide behind), which goes for both teachers and students, up to the fact that the room is carpeted which absorbs much of your and the students’ voice… this all contributes to making teaching a new challenge. Nevertheless, at this point I (still) (?) have the feeling that these limitations create fairly productive boundaries…

In the mornings, this is the trainee classroom, in the afternoons, we are to teach a bunch of 15 students who pay about 1 pound per day for being taught by trainee teachers:-) Meaning that my initual belief that BP squeezes money both out of trainee teachers and students isn’t quite correct. Students pay 25 pounds for a for weeks course and if they attend regularly, they’ll get five pounds back.

The teacher’s rickety throne:

For camparison: A classroom at my (newly) beloved FHV, featuring my beloved colleague Colin, dressed to impress on FHV open day:

The common room (it’s mainly students hanging out there – we hardly have time to socialize with anyone apart from us and the photo copying machine)

The hall, to give you another idea of the architecture:

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