The Weekend

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These pictures are not really up to date: On Sunday, that is four days ago, Sam and I went on a short hiking tour to Arthur’s seat, the local mountain (like our local Karren) located right in the town, between the centre and the sea. I’ll show you some of the sights, and one of the cliffs (or: crags, as the Scottish would) that is popular among people with suicidal tendencies. Salisbury crag.

What I find interesting is that, even if only mentally, my language slowly begins to transforms and take on a Scottish form. I can not really explain this in writing, and I don’t think that I will begin talking like this before the end of this month… but in my head my mental vocal chords begins rolling the r like that, and phrases like ‘like mad’ begin to:
(pseudo German phonetic transcript) so-und leek frrrehses lejk ‘lejk mahd’. interrrestin….

Anyhow, the pics below are in reverse chronological order – the further you scroll down, the earlier I took them on the tour.

In other words: the first five pics you see below were the ones I took last on our tour.

The road back

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From atop Arthur’s Seat

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Salisbury Crag

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Best place to commit suicide in Edinburgh since 1895.

Exclusive views of EDI

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The first one offers a view of the place where the Queen resides when she visits Edinburgh. As you can see on the following pictures: Arthur’s seat is really right in the middle of the town, wedged between sea (where I need t go some time soon) and the city centre.

Arthur’s seat

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Just a few glimpses.

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