Boost your vocab, pt. 1

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Today: Scottish history:

an inhospitable land of mist, bogs, midges and warring tribes (according to Roman emperor Hadrian, 2nd century, who decided to built Hadrian’s wall to prevent military raids by the tribes of Scotland) – ein ungastliches Land der Nebel, Sümpfe, Mücken und kriegsführenden Stämme

a turf rampart – ein Graswall (like the one built by emperor Antonius Pius, Hadrian’s successor)

to convert to Christianity – sich zum Christentum bekehren (by the 8th century, most Scottish tribes had converted to Christianity)

The Underbelly, Pt. 2

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We managed to get another three of free tickets for another show at the underbelly (as in “underbelly of Edinburgh” which is the building inside George IV bridge, as already mentioned; meanwhile I’ve learnt that the udderbelly is a comedy tent run by a TV channel the name of which is a pun on the the underbelly), which appears to be one of the traditional festival venues. Incredible building with a confusing maze of staircases, courts, levels and venues. More about this in the architecture report (if I ever pen it down).

Anyhow, when we arrived there, there were crowds of people gathering and waiting outside because of a fire alarm which turned out to be nothing but an inappropriate response of the fire alarm to the smoke machine#-)

Check out the t-shirts of the crew – nobody could say they were irrespective of gender:-)

The piece we got to see eventually was a beautiful tribute to the career of Douglas Fairbanks – sadly, very badly attended. There were ten people in the audience, one of them being a stooge. It wasn’t really comedy and parts of the piece were muffled by the laughter coming from the venue next door – but it gave me a cineastic thrill. Apart from being at least 10 centimeters too short, the main actor Rick Chester was truly the spitting image of Fairbanks.

I was unable to tell from the quality of the picture or the acting whether the reel they showed was re-enacted or ‘real’. They called it ‘Bagdad Bandit’. As the Fairbanks flic is called ‘The thief of bagdad’, it probably was staged.

The pics above were taken from Rick’s blog.

Another show I would love to see is this one: Jesus: The Guantanamo years.– Let me read the blurb from this slightly blurred image to you:

“Jesus Christ (son of God and father of modern stand-up) returns to earth for his long-awaited comeback tour. He doesn’t get past U.S. immigration: He’s a bearded, Middle-Eastern guy, fully prepared to die as a religious martyr. He’s immediately detained under the Patriot Act.

In His first one-man show for almost two millennia, Jesus talks candidly about His time in Guantanamo, His controversial relationship with His Father, and His on-going legal battle with ‘The Life of Brian’.”

Sounds good to me:-)))

Night on the town

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A few more pics from Edinburgh uptown, all camera cellphone pictures. Regarding picture three: The birds are really fat in Edinburgh (who cares, for as long as the phone booths are attractive). Steven told me horrific stories of Edinburgh’s past, in particular of the houses that are built underground (Edinburgh has both the oldest ‘skyscrapers’ and deepest cellars) and of the people who whose homes were concreted during a plague, leaving them to die in the basements – more news about this later.

Beer extravaganza

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Before we went out to get another taste of the fringe, Steven suggested to take us to his favourite bar. Excellent idea – not only did they have a Weihenstephan promotion on which meant: half a litre of Weissbier for free for every customer (odd idea to come to Edinburgh to drink Bavarian beer), this was also the only bar in Edinburgh (probably in Scotland) that sold Kölsch – i.e. the beer brewed in Cologne, and my favourite brand also: Reissdorf.

Interesting – while these ten packs of cigarettes are prohibited in Germany and Austria (because they cost about half of the regular price and are therefore particularly attractive for parsimonious pupil purses), nobody seems to be concerned about these issues in Scotland:

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