Falun Gong

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Also on today: A demonstration of Falun Gong member, protesting against the alleged use of Falun Gong members in China as organ Donors. In one picture: one of the Scottish taxis that all of you know from Trainspotting.

Me with the Edinburgh castle in the background. If you think I look tired: I AM tired of terrible period pain that would not even go away after the 5th paracetamol. But it’s better than being used as an involuntary organ donor, I guess.


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In Edinburgh, people are queueing to get their tattoo.

I tried to get a better picture of this guy, but somehow didn’t manage to – he was making money through posing as brave heart and make tourists have their picture taking next to him. The Japanese loved him in particular for one running gag – he would take the wife’s camera to take a picture, then make up his mind and pretend to want to abduct the lady… you cannot see it her, but he looked REALLY HANDSOME in this outfit:-)

I managed to get to see as much as one free show of the Edinburgh fringe today – most of what you see here is for free, as part of the Underbelly/Udderbelly show, featuring a purple cow lying upside down with the udder in the air… You just need to be there in time to pick up your free ticket at the entrance of George IV bridge.

City sights

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Scottish Trivia

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A ten pound note issued by the bank of England.

My favourite cheeses, scrumptious red cheeses with a crumby texture (cheddar, red leicester, etc.), which are obscenely expensive in continental Europe, come for less than two pounds for half a kilo.

Another house that looks just like our ours – the door in the middle is for the two flats upstairs, the flats on the ground floor have separate doors to the left and to the right.

A ten pound note issued by the bank of Scotland.

Big Brother 7 is on in the UK. Yesterday was eviction night – there are certain differences between continental and British BB – one of them being that the host of the show is openly asking candidates for their game plan, and candidates openly admitting that they’re in it because they’re hoping to get a job as a tv presenter through BB.

Basil Paterson

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My EFL College:

(source: http://www.basilpaterson.co.uk/images/gallery/bp-door.jpg)

(source: http://www.basilpaterson.co.uk/images/gallery/bp-1.jpg)

Sigh… while most tourists when coming to South Africa tend to say “This is sooooo British here”, me, South Africa being the place where I ate the first steak and kidney pie in my life, am inclined to say “This is sooooooooo South African here”. And I had my first steak and kidney pie in six years yesterday. And this charming chap on BP’s doorstep looks just like an English speaking white South African to me.

Edinburgh castle

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(source: http://www.basilpaterson.co.uk/images/gallery/ed-castle.jpg)

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